5 Main Benefits of Using Affiliate Marketing

When trying to promote your company and its products, advertising is clearly the first step in gaining new customers and expanding your exposure. The real trick, though, is choosing what type of marketing you wish to proceed with, and why.

If you have never considered using an affiliate, well, you should, because it is easily the most beneficial type of marketing. If you don’t believe me, or merely want to learn why and how to go about doing it yourself, read on to discover the top five benefits of using affiliate marketing for your company.

Partnerships & Collaboration

The relationship between an affiliate and a merchant can be a very positive and productive one. Essentially, it is a very beneficial relationship for both parties, ultimately helping out one another in different ways.

If done correctly, the merchant benefits by gaining new traffic and end-customers through the affiliate’s sites and promotions, while the affiliate benefits by earning a commission and income every time their site leads to the purchase of the merchant’s product.

When successful, it is likely that the affiliate and merchant will set up a continued relationship that sees them collaborating and working together for some time. Using affiliate marketing helps you spread your brand name and gain popularity not only among customers but also business partners as well.

The Affiliates’ Site Relates to Your Product

One of the most beneficial parts about using an affiliate to endorse your products is that most of the time, the affiliate’s site is totally related to the products. Meaning, if you sell camping and hiking gear, the affiliate that you choose to promote your items is usually a blog or website related to the outdoors and camping.

So, essentially, people visiting the affiliate’s site are already customers that would be interested in your products simply because of the niche before them. It wouldn’t make sense to put ads of your camping products on an affiliate’s site that is all about jewelry or electronics.

By using an affiliate that relates to your company’s niche, your products are being placed in front of like-minded people that will actually be interested in the ads and hopefully follow through with a purchase.

More Effective Use of Advertising Budget

Now when dealing with regular, plain banner advertising, every site is different on the amount that they expect to be paid for running your ads, but you usually find yourself paying a handsome fee, even if you don’t see any success from the ads.

But when dealing with affiliate marketing, which is essentially performance-based and paid for in commission, it allows you to waste less money in advertisement allocation.

When spending money on advertising, you want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck and gaining the new customers is worth the investment. Sadly, with regular, old marketing, there aren’t always new customers, and you’re stuck paying for the ads anyways.

Affiliate marketing allows you to save money and only find yourself paying for the advertising if it actually leads to an increase in sales. Therefore, you are only paying when there is a sale made, guaranteeing that it is worth the investment.

Easy Tracking

Another awesome thing about using affiliate marketing is that it can be tracked and measured. Affiliate programs typically allow you to view certain things like click-through rate or views of your site resulting from the affiliate’s promotions.

This allows you to see which affiliate programs are working and which ones are not, as well as which types of advertisements are finding the most success— whether it be ad banners or links. This allows you to focus in on what’s working and forego what isn’t, continuously bettering the process and making it more effective.


There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is the best way to gain new exposure to new potential customers. As stated earlier, your products will be promoted on sites related to the niche, therefore reaching people who will be truly interested in your product.

By staying present on the appropriate sites also causes your exposure to increase by staying up-to-date with the correct, targeted demographics.  If you want to learn more about the benefits of affiliate marketing then check out the video below – or – if you’d like to get started as an affiliate yourself then head over to justcash to get more affiliate tips on promoting dating and other high-converting niches.

Fuck Boy Dating Tips

5 Do’s and Don’ts To Dating A Fuck Boy

Sometimes we are just guilty of stringing along a fuck boy even though we know he is a complete waste of our time. That doesn’t make us a bad person it just means two can play at this game until someone catches feelings and all hell breaks loose.

If you’re willing to continue to waste your time on this sort of human being make sure you understand your limits and boundaries before he weasels his way into your heart.

1. Do Stay In Control:

No matter how many pep talks you and your friends give yourself, he will still find a way to make you second guess everything. It shouldn’t matter when or if he texts you if you know you’re a bad ass bitch that dares to be reckoned with.

2. Don’t Take Him Seriously:

Yes, he might say things that make you want to double take and reassess his fuckboy persona but don’t be mistaken. He isn’t willing to commit and falls under all of the playboy categories so don’t you dare make excuses for his ghosting and friendliness with girls when we all know everything that comes out of his mouth is a fat lie.

3. Do Date Other People:

Obviously, you’re not the only girl he’s talking to so don’t be a fool and severely cut ties with all of your other potential flings to pursue this idiot. Make sure you’re keeping in contact with your other crushes that are trying to pursue you instead of holding out for the fuck boy to finally make a serious move. The romantic and committing gesture is never coming so keep on keeping on with any potential babes, making plans in hopes of freeing yourself from the latest fuck boy.

4. Don’t Cancel Plans For Him:

I know it’s tempting to be getting good D but don’t fall for his sexual comfort and dysfunctional ways. If you have plans with your girlfriends, family or another possible partner make sure he is the last priority on your list. You should want to see him when all else fails, and you have no one else to entertain you. Alright, you’re allowed to see him when you’re drunk, lonely and horny too but don’t let him interfere with your everyday life as he pleases because he will start holding power.

5. Do Keep Him Waiting:

I know it’s very tempting to want to text or snap chat him back the second he sends you something, but please don’t. He is waiting for you to fall into his fuck boy trap and respond to his every beckon and call but prove him wrong. Leave plenty of time before you respond to keep him guessing if he’s finally lost you and you caught on to his devious ways. Before you know it, he will seem disposable like he should, and you will be feeling nothing towards him when you find out he has been hitting up your friends for the past month.

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