Best Apps for College Students

Current college students are among the first generation to have lived with technology thoroughly immersed in their lives. We haven’t lived in a world that didn’t know the internet, and now we have powerful smartphones constantly in hand.

College kids use their phones to play music at parties, take selfies, sext, and more. Apps allow us to do all of this, but there are some college app essentials that freshmen or any students who are lagging behind the times need to download before fall semester starts.

Thus begins a list of five starter kit apps for college students, all displayed below. Download these apps and you’ll be running sh*t in no time, unless you blackout first.

1: Snapchat. I know, 100 million people use the app daily, and almost all of those people are millennials and teens, so the chances are good that you have the app already on your phone.

Snapchat is a college essential though, and is a great app for communicating in an informal, usually sexual, kind of way. In other words, it’s great for sending and receiving nudes, which is something that college students do a lot more than going to the library.

It’s a cool way to share what you did last night, and you don’t have to worry about that drunk selfie you took being posted to Instagram or Facebook by a ‘friend’, cuz it faded away forever after 10 seconds or less. If you’re going to get turnt this weekend, Snapchat the sh*t out of it and show your fellow students how ballers get weird, cuz why not?

2: Yik Yak. With millions of daily users, this anonymous version of Twitter is a must-have for college students.

The anonymous app space is starting to really gain some traction, and there are a few competitors out there for Yik Yak, but this app takes the cake. It’s a great place to share an embarrassing moment you went through that day, or to ask if the local bars are poppin’ or not.

Yik Yak initially got a lot of attention because users were bullying the sh*t out of each other, but that’s toned down a whole lot and even the communities of users control trolls and haters, so you don’t have to worry too much about some random person trolling you or being a douche.

The college students who use the app near me seem pretty chill, and I’ve seen a few threads where people actually arranged to meet up and hang, and I haven’t heard about any murders lately, so I think those meetings went down alright.

It’s a great app to use when you’re in between classes or the professor is having trouble getting powerpoint up and running again. Most posts are pretty funny, and a lot of people support one another on the app even when they don’t know each other, which is surprising for anonymous space.

If you’re bored and just saw someone eat sh*t on their stupid longboard, download the Yak and rack up some Yakarma (you’ll find out what that is soon enough, grasshopper).

3: Pocket Points. This app isn’t available to use at very many college campuses so far, but that will change soon. A lot of California universities have started using it though, so if you’re on the best coast you’re lucky.

Like the name implies, this app gets you points for keeping your phone in your pocket and out of your hand. If you keep your phone screen locked with the app open, you can take notes and earn points towards a discount on your lunch after class.

This app teams up with local businesses to provide students with a way to earn discounts or promotions, and over the course of a semester you’ll have earned a ton of points and will have saved a good amount of money, which is something in short supply for college kids.

Download the app, open it, lock your screen, and when your lecture is finally over you might have earned enough points to get a few bucks off your next cup of coffee which will help you stay awake in your next lecture. It’s a win-win guys, so give it a try (that is, if your college has made a deal with Pocket Points).

4: SelfControl. It’s near the end of the semester, and you literally just remembered you have a term paper to turn in tomorrow, hard copy, at 8 am. First off, it was your fault for registering for an 8 am class, but at least you have this app to help you bust out that paper, tonight.

No, the app won’t write the paper, but it will help you stay focused and off of Facebook or any other sites you frequent.

Just list the sites that will distract you for hours on end and set a timer, and you won’t be able to visit those sites until the timer is up. No, restarting your computer or deleting the app won’t work; you’ve got to write that paper.

5: Mint. This app helps you keep track of the very little amount of money you have at a given time, and will help you create a budget for the month or months to come, so you don’t have to call mom or dad for some extra cash.

It’s never a bad time to start managing your money, and college is a great time to get your funds in order.

These five apps are essentials for college students; they will help you make friends, share your experiences, find local deals, write a paper, and keep your account from being overdrawn.

College is an awesome time, and you need to do your best to take advantage of it before we all have to get real jobs and start adulting like our parents, which is hella lame. Take advantage of college, get fucked up, make new friends; just don’t forget you actually have classes to show up to.

Check out what this video says about college apps!

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